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Peter Collins has been out and about with his camera and it's Chevrons at Donington, Monza and Silverstone.
The B2 of Edward Carden in the Sports Racing Masters
race at the May Donington Masters event.
The Chevron B28 of Daryl Taylor heads a Lola T332 in the
Derek Bell trophy race at the Silverstone HSCC weekend in May.
Competing in the same race was the lovely ex-Agostini B42
of Robert Shaw.
David Gathercole's B25 took pole position in the Historic F2
race at June's Monza Coppa Intereuropa...
...and finished third in Race 1 but had problems in race 2
and could do no better than nineteenth.
Another shot of Daryl Taylor's Chevron B28 at Silverstone,
Daryl finished 3rd in both Derek Bell Trophy races.
Robert Shaw retired from the first of the Derek Bell Trophy races
but finished 4th overall and 2nd in class in the race 2.
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