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Chevron Sportscars in the 1970s, a wonderful selection of photos courtesy of Paul Kooyman.
The B16 of John Bridges and Peter Lawson at the
Zolder 500kms, April 1970.
The raised bodywork may be a clue to the reason the
B16 failed to finish.
A B19 in Canon colours on display at the Brussel's
Racing Car Show, December 1971.
The John Hine/John Bridges B21 at the Spa 1000kms,
May 1972. The Red Rose entered car finished third
overall, behind two works Ferrari's in this World
Championship for Makes round as well as winning
the 2-litre class.
Also at the Spa 1000kms the sixth-placed, second in the
2-litre class, B21 of Peter Humble (who was also
the entrant) and Nick May.
Finally from Spa the ninth-placed, and third in 2-litre class,
the Intertech Steering Wheels-entered B21 of
Trevor Twaites and Brendan McInerney.
The next six photographs are from the Nürburgring 500kms,
a round of the 1972 European 2-litre Championship.
This is Henk Bosman's B8 which wasn't classified in the results.
Here is the fourth placed B19/21 of Peter Smith and David Welpton.
The second placed Intertech Steering Wheels B21 of Trevor Twaites.
The Canon Racing B21 of Richard Scott was a retirement.
The second Canon Racing B21 of John Burton also failed to finish... did the smoking Red Rose B21 of Howden Ganley.
The 1973 London Racing Car Show featured this B1.
The start of the 1973 Spa 1000kms, round 5 of the World
Championship for Makes. The Christine Beckers/Roger Dubos B21 is
leading the Ember Racing B21 of Bill de Selincourt/John Quick.
Behind the Porsche is the #62 Rafael Barrios/José Uriarte B21/23.
The next four pictures are from the 1974 Spa 1000kms.
This is the B19 of Ian Harrower and Nigel Clarkson that
retired with clutch problems.
The Jon Fletcher/Robin Smith B23 also DNF'd with engine maladies.
The B26 of Michel Dupont/Laurent Ferrier suffered an accident.

The B21 of Christine Beckers/Yvette Fontaine was another retirement.

John Hine's B31 on display at the...
...January 1975 Speedshow in London... is the Team Gunston B31.
Three of the manufacturers that made 2-litre racing so great
are in line astern at the International Trophy at Silverstone,
April 1975 as the B31 of second placed driver Ian Grob
chases eventual winner John Lepp (March 75S) and
third placed Guy Edwards (Lola T390.
Grob set the fastest lap and finished only 0.2 of a second behind Lepp.
The next 9 pictures are from the Britannica 2000 at Brands
Hatch, June 1975.
The the two KVG Racing B31s of John Hine (#1) and Ian
Grob (#2) who would finish third are prepared in the paddock.
The John Calvert B23 finished eleventh.
Sixth placed Iain McLaren in his B21/23.
The Fisons Racing B31 of Martin Raymond....

...qualified fourth...

...but failed to finish with engine woes in Heat 1.
John Hine's KVG Racing B31...
...qualified in second place and won Heat 1...
...but spun and stalled in Heat 2.
Ian Mclaren's B31 at the Goodyear 300 event, Nürburgring, April 1976.
Four shots now from the 1977 Le Mans 24 Hours.
The B36 ROC of Michel Pignard/Albert Dufréne/Jacques Henry...
...finished a very impressive 6th overall... well as winning the 2-litre class.
The Chandler Ibec International - Team Lloyds B31 of
Tony Charnell/Robin Smith/Ian Bracey failed to finish.
The B36 ROC car on display at the Jochen Rindt Show,
Essen in December 1977.
Three photographs of the 1978 Le Mans 24 Hours.
At the start #27, the B31 of Tony Charnell, Robin Smith, Fréderic Alliot
and Richard Jones leads the #31 B36 ROC of Michel Pignard, Laurent Ferrier
and Lucien Rossiaud who finished eleventh overall and first in the 2-litre class.
Another shot of the class-winning B36 ROC of Michel Pignard,
Laurent Ferrier and Lucien Rossiaud.
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