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The Red Rose Racing Tergal B21s.
Hugh Price, owner of B21-72-19 one of the ex-Tergal sponsored cars, tells us something of the history of the team.
The Tergal B21s standing next to the Red Rose Racing team transporter in 1972.
(Photo courtesy of Hugh Price)
The picture above, from 1972, is of the three works Chevron B21’s, decaled in the Tergal colours, ready for the European 2-litre Championship season. The other pictures are of mine and Jean Nicolet’s B21’s, which were two of these 1972 cars, on display in October last year at the Martini sponsored 75th celebrations of racing at Montjuich Park. The cars were invited to be part of the parade that weekend as they both carried Escuderia Montjuich colours and therefore had Spanish connections.
The two B21s at Montjuich Park.
(Photo courtesy of Hugh Price)
The B21s sitting behind the Joaquin Folch GT40.
(Photo courtesy of Hugh Price)
This was a team set up in Barcelona from the mid 60’s through to about 1980, running all sorts of cars, mainly in Spanish races at Montjuich Park. Jose Juncadella, Nicky Bosch and Paco Josa were all wealthy Catalans who I think had been instrumental in forming Escuderia Montjuich. Tergal was a fibre manufacturer, who supplied material to Juncadella’s family textile business and hence the sponsorship of the cars.

I am not sure what chassis number Jean Nicolet’s car is, but Steve Sheldon of Chevron certainly worked on mine, Chassis number 19, during the 1972 year. In the foreground of the picture from Barcelona, you can see Joaquin Folch’s GT40, which is also an original Escuderia Montjuich car, having been raced by Juncadella, Paco Godia and Brian Muir in period. As far as I’m aware, mine and Nicolet’s B21’s are the only two still sporting the Tergal livery and Barcelona was the first occasion that both cars had been present at the same meeting. He won the Classic Endurance race at Silverstone in September last year after Sandy Watson spun out his B19.
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